FlavourWhip N2O Cylinder

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With the Flavourwhip cream charger, you can charge siphon after siphon without a hitch. Delivering everything you need for whipping cream, the Flavourwhip package includes a 580-gram nitrous oxide cylinder; a pressure regulator to give you full control over your gas usage; and endless opportunities to kick-up the flavour with the exotic Flavourwhip liquids. Do yourself a flavour. Work with Flavourwhip.


The Flavourwhip Cylinder

The Flavourwhip bottle is a disposable nitrous oxide cylinder filled with 580 grams of nitrous oxide, which is as much as 1 litre of liquid N2O. The disposable N2O cylinder is equivalent to 80 single-use whipped cream chargers, allowing you to save time and be more efficient in the kitchen or on the go. Safety tested according to EU regulations, the stainless steel cylinder is also fully recyclable.


The Flavourwhip Motto

A successful catering job depends in part on the capabilities of the tools available. By considering speed, economic costs, sustainability and user-friendliness, Flavourwhip has simplified the charging process of siphons both big and small for a seamless charging experience anywhere and anytime.


Save Time

With 580 grams of nitrous oxide at your disposal, you have enough gas to charge up to 80 cream chargers with one single Flavourwhip N2O cylinder.


Economic Benefits

With more nitrous oxide available and less gas wastage, Flavourwhip allows you to save a whopping 60% in costs compared to conventional cream chargers.



Packaged in a disposable N2O cylinder made of high-quality stainless steel, Flavourwhip uses less material than 80 single-use cream chargers would, resulting in a 20% drop in metal waste.



Suitable for both professional and home kitchens alike, Flavourwhip works for players with varying skill sets. Whether you’re a first-timer, catering an event, working in a professional kitchen or just playing around at home, Flavourwhip makes it possible.


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