Watermelon n2o flavour

Whipped Cream Flavours



With the FlavourWhip liquids, you can add an exciting range of nitrous oxide flavours to your FlavourWhip creations. Each nitrous oxide flavour mix tastes unique and can be used to achieve a different effect. Currently available in six variations, you can mix and match the liquids as you please to add a vibrant edge to your sweet dishes.


The N2O flavours currently available are: N2O Strawberry, N2O Peach, N2O Mango, N2O Blueberry, N2O Banana, and are entirely safe to ingest(Food Grade).

How do FlavourWhip liquids work?

FlavourWhip liquids allow you to add character to your creamy desserts in the most convenient way possible. With just a few drops of the N2O flavour mix, you can kick up the flavour of just about anything. Just add 2-3 drops to the siphon, charge, and taste the euphoria of FlavourWhip.

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